General Liability – Coverages

Bodily Injury

Covers your business causing harm to another person. This coverage can include:

  • Medical care
  • Payments for loss of services
  • Court awarded compensation due to injury

Fire, Explosion, or Lightning Damage

Covers damage to other peoples property as a result of fire, lightning, or explosion originating from your property.

Hired Auto and Non-owned Auto

Covers liability for accident that occur when driving personally owned or rented automobiles being used on company business.

Legal Defense Expenses

When a suit is filed against your business, you immediately begin to incur legal expenses. Even if your company is found not liable for a claim, the process of mounting a defense is expensive. Legal Defense Coverage will generally pay for:

  • Costs associated with the defense or investigation of a suit or claim against you, including court costs, witness fees, attorney’s fees, and police report costs
  • Expenses and loss of income coverage when you are assisting the insurance company defending your claim
  • Judgments or settlements resulting from covered suits, including interest required on the judgment and the injured party‚Äôs medical expenses
  • A court required bond to ensure you can pay a potential judgment in a liability suit

Liquor Liability

This coverage applies if you occasionally distribute alcoholic beverages, such as at a company event or party. This coverage can only apply if you do not charge of the alcoholic beverages; if your business involves manufacturing, distributing, serving, or furnishing alcoholic beverages, different coverages are required.

Personal Injury

This coverage applies when someone claims that your business caused them damage that isn’t physical in nature such as:

  • Publishing false information that libels or slanders an organization or person
  • Publishing material that violates someone’s privacy rights
  • Maliciously prosecuting someone
  • Evicting someone wrongfully

Advertising Injury coverage is needed when the personal injury is claimed against advertising made by your company.

Products-Completed Operations

This coverage applies when a product you manufacturer or a service your provides causes an injury. This coverage will pay for legal expenses and damages.

Property Damage

This coverage applies when your business causes, by direct or indirect means, damage to another person’s property. This coverage can compensate for:

  • Physical damage to the property
  • Loss of use

Product Liability Insurance

This covers the business against liability claims that arise from use of the insured’s products.

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