General Liability Insurance

In the course of conducting business, you interact with many different people: employees, contractors, client, vendors, and more. On occasion, things go wrong and someone claims your business caused them injury and loss and they take legal action against your business. These claims can significantly impact how much cash your business has to sustain operations, and, in the worst case, can bankrupt your business.

What Is General Liability Insurance?

General Liability Insurance, also referred to as Business Liability Insurance and Commercial General Liability Insurance, provides you with coverage for claims made against your business. This coverage can help cover medical expenses, attorney fees, and damages for which your business is legally responsible.

 Does My Business Need General Liability Insurance

You need general liability insurance if your business:

  • Interacts with clients face to face
  • Is required to have General Liability insurance before entering into a contract
  • Has access to a client’s equipment
  • Represents your client’s business
  • Use third party locations for any business related activities
  • Utilizes contractors or freelancers
  • Operates without owning or renting any physical property


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